The U.S. Navy decompression computer

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Title: The U.S. Navy decompression computer
Author: Butler Jr, FK; Southerland, DG
Abstract: The U.S. Navy has recently approved the Cochran NAVY decompression computer (DC) for use in Naval Special Warfare diving. This action represents the first approval of a diver-worn DC for use in the U.S. Navy. This paper reviews the development and testing of both the decompression algorithm and the hardware chosen for the Navy's DC. The decompression software in the Cochran NAVY is the VVAL 18 algorithm developed at the Navy Experimental Diving Unit (NEDU) by Captain Ed Thalmann. A discussion of the relative conservatism of the VVAL18 algorithm in comparison to the U.S. Navy Standard Air Tables and the basis for the differences between the two is provided. The initial guidelines establishing DC diving practice for the Navy SEAL community are outlined as are plans for future research efforts in U.S. Navy DC diving.
Description: Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society, Inc. ( )
URI: PMID: 12153150
Date: 2001

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