Equivalent air depth: fact or fiction

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Title: Equivalent air depth: fact or fiction
Author: Berghage, TE; McCraken, TM
Abstract: In mixed-gas diving theory, the equivalent air depth (EAD) concept suggests that oxygen does not contribute to the total tissue gas tension and can therefore be disregarded in calculations of the decompression process. The validity of this assumption has been experimentally tested by exposing 365 rats to various partial pressures of oxygen for various lengths of time. If the EAD assumption is correct, under a constant exposure pressure each incremental change in the oxygen partial pressure would produce a corresponding incremental change in pressure reduction tolerance. Results of this study suggest that the EAD concept does not adequately describe the decompression advantages obtained from breathing elevated oxygen partial pressures. The authors suggest that the effects of breathing oxygen vary in a nonlinear fashion across the range from anoxia to oxygen toxicity, and that a simple inert gas replacement concept is no longer tenable. *Air Animals *Atmospheric Pressure *Diving Male Oxygen Rats Support, U.S. Gov't, Non-P.H.S.
Description: Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society, Inc. (http://www.uhms.org )
URI: PMID: 538866
Date: 1979

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