Repeated Six-Hour Dives 1.35 ATM Oxygen Partial Pressure

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Title: Repeated Six-Hour Dives 1.35 ATM Oxygen Partial Pressure
Author: Shykoff, BE
Abstract: The U.S. Navy Diving Manual currently limits the use of oxygen in diving to a maximum of four hours in a 24-hour period. Technical limitations no longer restrict dive lengths to four hours, and for some operations, longer dives may be useful. This report details some effects of multiple six-hour underwater exposures to oxygen partial pressure (Po2) of 1.35 atmospheres (atm), as specified in the task Pulmonary Oxygen Toxicity after Repeated Diving with Elevated Oxygen Partial Pressures. We have studied pulmonary effects of dives with eighteen hours between them (dives synchronized to time of day) on each of two days or on each of five days, and of dives every other day for six days (dives with 42-hour recovery times). We have also studied two daily exposures of six hours, but with the six hours split into two 3-hour dives with three different surface intervals. These dive series are reported here. We have reported previously on single six-hour dives where divers breathed oxygen at a partial pressure of 1.35 atm, and single six-hour dives in water or in the dry chamber where divers breathed oxygen at a partial pressure of 1.6 atm.
Description: Citation Status: Active; Citation Classification: Unclassified; Title Classification: Unclassified; Report Classification: Unclassified; Identifier Classification: Unclassified; Abstract Classification: Unclassified; Distribution Limitation(s): 01 - APPROVED FOR PUBLIC RELEASE; Information provided by the Department of Defense and the Defense Technical Information Center ( is considered public information and may be distributed or copied unless otherwise specified. Use of appropriate byline/photo/image credits is requested.
Date: 2005

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