Blood-Bubble Interaction in Decompression Sickness.

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Title: Blood-Bubble Interaction in Decompression Sickness.
Author: Ackles, KN
Abstract: Contents: Historical evolution of the blood-bubble interaction hypothesis in the pathogenesis of decompression sickness; The physiology of blood platelets; Biochemical indicators of decompression sickness; Blood and air; Current research into the normal drive; The ultrastructure of the blood-bubble interface and related alterations in the blood and vessel walls in the air embolism; The bubble as a non-mechanical trigger in decompression sickness; Clinical problems of decompression sickness relevant to the surface activity of intravascular bubbles; Humoral factors in the pathogenesis of decompression sickness; Experimental evidence in support of the hypothesis that intravascular bubbles activate the hemostatic process; Effects of orally-administered pyrimido-pyrimidine derivatives platelet functions in human subjects decompressed from a hyperbaric environment; Pathophysiology and treatment of dysbaric accidents and of air decompression sickness; The role of gas embolism is decompression sickness; Physical and biologic sequelae of blood-gas interfacial reaction; Basic mechanisms in thrombosis, including disseminated intravascular thrombosis; Evaluation of clotting factors during hyperbaric exposure; Comparison of hemotologic data in tunnel workers working in free air, at 38 pounds and those suffering from decompression sickness; Possible effects of bubble-induced coagulation following decompression; and The pathophysiology of diving induced sensory neural deafness as elucidated by beneficial prophylactic use of heparin.
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Date: 1973

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