DAN Nitrox Workshop Proceedings.

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Title: DAN Nitrox Workshop Proceedings.
Author: Lang, MA
Abstract: RECOMMENDATIONS: 1. No evidence was presented that showed an increased risk of DCS from the use of oxygen enriched air (nitrox) versus compressed air. 2. A maximum PO2 of 1.6 atm was accepted based on its history of use and scientific studies. 3. Routine CO2 retention screening is not necessary. 4. Oxygen analyzers should use a controlled-flow sampling device. 5. Oxygen analysis of the breathing gas should be performed by the blender and/or dispenser and verified by the end user. 6. Training agencies recognize the effectiveness of dive computers. 7. For recreational diving, there is no need to track whole body exposure to oxygen (OTU/UPTD). 8. Use of the "CNS Oxygen Clock" concept, based on NOAA oxygen exposure limits, should by taught. However, it should be noted that CNS Oxygen toxicity could occur suddenly and unexpectedly. 9. No evidence was presented, based on history of use, to show an unreasonable risk of fire or ignition when using up to 40% nitrox with standard scuba equipment. The level of risk is related to specific equipment configurations and the user should rely on the manufacturer's recommendations.
Description: Divers Alert Network (DAN) http://www.diversalertnetwork.org/.
URI: http://archive.rubicon-foundation.org/4855
Date: 2000

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