The diving "Law-ers": A brief resume of their lives.

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The diving "Law-ers": A brief resume of their lives.

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dc.identifier.citation SPUMS 1999 Volume 29 Number 1. en
dc.description Journal of the South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society. en
dc.description.abstract Introduction - Early diving and diving medicine researchers were not necessarily involved with diving, some were mathematicians, philosophers, scientists and astronomers while others were physiologists and medical clinicians. Hence the history of diving and diving medicine has involved many seemingly unrelated disciplines. However, many of the researchers lives and research work were intertwined. As an example, John Dalton, an astronomer, after whom Dalton’s Law was named, first published on colour blindness (which is why it was originally called ‘Daltonism’). The genetics of this disorder were first studied by J B S Haldane (the son of J S Haldane). JBS Haldane was involved with both the Royal Navy Admiralty’s Deep Diving Units (the first with his father and the second with L Hill, R Davis and K Donald). J S Haldane designed the first “safe” decompression tables. A menagerie of animals, divers, “volunteers” and self experimentation were used by the early diving medicine researchers. Boyle used a viper; Bert used birds, dogs, cats and many other animals; J S Haldane used goats; L Hill used frogs but was also involved in self experimentation; K Donald used naval divers and other “volunteers”. Much of the actual original diving/diving medicine research demonstrated ingenuity, lateral thinking and unique observation skills. Unfortunately, many of the original documents are impossible to find and reliance is therefore on second hand interpretation. This paper is a brief outline of the lives of the originators of the physical laws of diving (Archimedes and Pascal’s Principles; Poiseuille and Laplace’s equations; the Laws of Boyle, Henry and Dalton). en
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dc.title The diving "Law-ers": A brief resume of their lives. en
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