Pulmonary Effects of Eight-Hour MK 16 MOD 1 Dives.

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Title: Pulmonary Effects of Eight-Hour MK 16 MOD 1 Dives.
Author: Shykoff, BE
Abstract: Most conclusions that we have reached about pulmonary oxygen toxicity at an oxygen partial pressure of 1.3 atm have been obtained from shallow dives with 100% oxygen. To confirm that results are valid for the MK 16 MOD 1, we compared effects of 8-hour dives at a depth of 50 feet (50% oxygen) to those previously attained at 12 to 14 feet. Seventeen U.S. Navy divers dove underwater in the ascent tower at Navy Diving and Salvage Training Center with the MK 16 MOD 1 underwater breathing apparatus. Dives were 8-hours long. Divers were resting, and were allowed air breaks of no more than 10 minutes each and no more than 35 minutes overall to replenish the USAs and to eat and drink. Pulmonary function and respiratory symptoms were assessed before and after diving and were compared to previous results. Across all postdive days, ten subjects reported symptoms, ten showed depressed pulmonary function, and five had both. In no time interval were the incidences different from those after similar 100% oxygen dives. Absorption atelectasis is not important in the etiology of pulmonary oxygen toxicity of diving, and results obtained with 100% oxygen are applicable to the MK 16 MOD 1.
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URI: http://archive.rubicon-foundation.org/6869
Date: 2007

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