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Title: Rebreathers.
Author: Goble, S
Abstract: Rebreathers are rapidly becoming the equipment of choice for many technical divers and others who feel that they offer some diving advantages. Far from being something new, rebreathers are the oldest type of self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. In the past, most of their development and use has been based around the needs of the military, and a number of the more complicated recreational rebreathers are based on military equipment. A rebreather generally consists of a counterlung, carbon dioxide scrubber, oxygen cylinder, and a cylinder of diluent gas. It can be fully a closed circuit or semi-closed circuit and utilise either pendulum breathing or a loop breathing circuit. Rebreathers subject their users to the risks of hypoxia, and oxygen and carbon dioxide toxicity, and require strict adherence to routines and safe diving practices. (Goble S. Rebreathers. SPUMS J 2003; 33: 98-102)
Description: Journal of the South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society.
Date: 2003

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