"What is Bends?"

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Title: "What is Bends?"
Author: Nashimoto, I; Lanphier, EH
Abstract: PREFACE: The idea behind this workshop originated in conversations in Aberdeen, Scotland, in 1988. Drs. Nashimoto, Elliott, Bennett, and Hamilton decided that the question, "What is bends?" was at least overdue for review even if perhaps unanswerable. Others expressed interest and joined in subsequent planning sessions in Hawaii and Amsterdam. Dr. Nashimoto volunteered to organize and host the workshop with sponsorship by Saitama Medical School. Dr. Lanphier offered to help with planning and chairing sessions and with editing the Proceedings. The UHMS Workshop Committee sanctioned the proposed program, and Dr. Greenbaum agreed that UHMS would publish the proceedings. Except for publication costs, funding was obtained from Japanese sources. Difficulty in arranging meeting space in Tokyo led to holding the workshop in a particularly impressive and agreeable setting. The Nippondaira Hotel is located high on the Nippondaira Plateau between Shimizu and Shizuoka. The hotel overlooks the green expanse of Musicland Japan with the port city of Shimizu and Suruga Bay below and Mount Fuji prominent in the background. Objectives: An announcement of the workshop called attention to the fact that limb bends has almost come to be an accepted hazard of decompression although its occurrence was used to develop tables and is used to evaluate tables. It may be taken lightly because it is less threatening and easier to treat than symptoms involving the central nervous system. Is limb bends itself really harmless as many seem to assume? Details of the origin or mechanism of the pain are still controversial. Is it merely an independent phenomenon, or does it relate to other manifestations? This workshop will seek to define what we know and how we can progress further. Reproduction in whole or in part is permitted for any purpose with attribution. The opinions, conclusions, and recommendations contained in this report are not to be construed as official or necessarily reflecting the views of The Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society, Saitama Medical School, or the chairmen-editors. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Preface; Acknowledgments; Participants; Opening Remarks - I. Nashimoto and E. H. Lanphier; The Development of Current Definitions and the Need for a New Classification - D. H. Elliott; Discussant: R. W. Hamilton; Discussion; Epidemiology of Bends. - P. B. Bennett; Discussant: D. N. Walder; Discussion; Epidemiology of Bends (2): The Actual Situation in Japan. - I. Nashimoto; Discussant: W. Sterk; Discussion; Relationship of Gas Dynamics to Bends. - P. K. Weathersby; Discussant: H. V. Hempleman; Discussion; Animal Studies. - E. H. Lanphier; Discussant: D. N. Walder; Discussion; The Pain and Mechanism of Bends. - D. N. Walder; Discussant: M. R. Cross; Discussion; The Links Between the Bends and Dysbaric Osteonecrosis. - D. N. Walder; Discussant: E. H. Lanphier; Second Discussant: M. Kawashima; Discussion; Neurological Involvement in Decompression Illness. - T. J. R. Francis; Discussant: P. B. Bennett; Discussion; The Status and Role of UHMS Workshops. - L. J. Greenbaum, Jr; Decompression Sickness of the Skin and Lymphatic System. - R. W. Hamilton; Discussant: H. V. Hempleman; Discussion; Detected Bubbles and Bends. - Y. Gotoh; Discussant: T. Ikeda; Discussion; Imaging in Pain Only Decompression Sickness. - H. R. Cross; Discussant: D. N. Walder; Discussion; The Significance of "Limb Bends": Must They Be Treated? - D. H. Elliott; Discussant: E. H. Lanphier; Discussion; Summary of Important Findings. - R. V. Hempleman; General Discussion; Consensus, Conclusions, and Recommendations; Closing Remarks
Description: Copyright Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society. Reproduction in whole or in part is permitted for any purpose.
URI: http://archive.rubicon-foundation.org/7997
Date: 1991

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