Dynamics of decompression workshop.

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Title: Dynamics of decompression workshop.
Author: Huggins, KE
Abstract: Author's Note: This workbook is designed to be used along with the DYNAMICS OF DECOMPRESSION WORKSHOP which has evolved over the past six years. The workshop started out as a three hour seminar and is now commonly presented as a full day program. It has also been given once as an extremely thorough two day workshop. Since the content of the material presented in each workshop will vary due to time constraints and the number of workshop attendees, this workbook was designed to provide the participants not only with the information presented in the workshop, but with supplemental information that may not have been covered in their workshop. The concept "Dynamics of Decompression" does not just apply to the dynamic process of compression/decompression physiology and the models developed to describe this activity, but also to the field of decompression research. This field has been continually in flux since, and before, Haldane presented his model and tables in the early 1900s. It is not uncommon to find more disagreement than agreement among scientists, researchers, and decompression model/table developers, even though they have the common goal of developing techniques for safe effective decompression. Due to the dynamic nature of decompression research, this workbook and workshop are also dynamic entities. As new information becomes available it will be included into both the workshop and workbook. It is not the intent of this workshop to provide definite answers in areas where none yet exist, but to provide up to date information which you can use to make educated decisions about how you will determine your own decompression status. Karl E. Huggins -October 1991 Additional Note: Last year when I started the process of writing this workbook I thought that I could complete it by the end of November. Since that time I have discovered that a task such as this requires much more time and effort than originally estimated. In addition there is the urge to add new information to previous chapters that have been completed. I wish to apologize to those who have waited up to 6 months for this publication to become available. I hope that it will be informative and beneficial. Karl E. Huggins - May 1992
Description: © Karl Huggins 1992. All rights reserved. Reprinted by the Rubicon Foundation, Inc. (http://rubicon-foundation.org/) with permission of Karl Huggins.
URI: http://archive.rubicon-foundation.org/8078
Date: 1992

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