First aid oxygen administration for divers.

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Title: First aid oxygen administration for divers.
Author: Lippmann, J
Abstract: Hypoxia in divers can result from a variety of causes, including decompression illness (DCI). The benefits of oxygen first aid in DCI are increased denitrogenation and improved oxygenation, and the sooner oxygen is provided the better the outcome. When oxygen is provided prior to recompression, symptoms may be relieved earlier, and there is a slightly lower chance of post-treatment residua. Despite this, DAN America data indicate that only 30 to 40% of injured divers receive oxygen. This provides an ongoing challenge for the diving community. There is a plethora of oxygen equipment available and careful consideration needs to be given when selecting appropriate equipment to manage a dive accident. Such equipment needs to easily provide high oxygen concentrations to responsive or unresponsive, breathing or nonbreathing victims. The wide range of available devices all have advantages and disadvantages that need to be weighed against the required outcome. Important considerations include the oxygen concentrations that can be provided; the ease of use; the amount of training and practice required and the number of operators needed to use the device effectively.
Description: Journal of the South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society.
Date: 2003

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