Technical Diving Conference Proceedings.

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Title: Technical Diving Conference Proceedings.
Author: Vann, RD; Mitchell, SJ; Denoble, PJ; Anthony, TG
Abstract: CONTENTS; Acknowledgements; CONFERENCE SUMMARY - Richard D. Vann; PHYSIOLOGY WORKSHOP CHAIRMAN’S SUMMARY - Simon J. Mitchell; RESPIRATORY ISSUES IN TECHNICAL DIVING - Simon J. Mitchell; CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM OXYGEN TOXICITY - Richard D. Vann, Robert W. Hamilton; NITROGEN NARCOSIS, OXYGEN NARCOSIS, AND THE HIGH PRESSURE NERVOUS SYNDROME - Peter B. Bennett, Simon J. Mitchell; THERMAL CONCERNS IN COLD WATER DIVING - Marshall L. Nuckols; DECOMPRESSION WORKSHOP CHAIRMAN’S SUMMARY - Richard D. Vann; PATHOPHYSIOLOGY OF DECOMPRESSION ILLNESS - Richard E. Moon; RISK FACTORS FOR DECOMPRESSION SICKNESS - David J. Doolette, Richard D. Vann; DEEP STOPS AND THEIR EFFICACY IN DECOMPRESSION - Wayne A. Gerth, David J. Doolette, Keith A. Gault; ASSESSING THE RISK OF DECOMPRESSION SICKNESS - Richard D. Vann, Petar J. Denoble, David J. Doolette; THERAPY FOR DECOMPRESSION ILLNESS - Simon J. Mitchell, Richard Pyle, Richard E. Moon; REBREATHER WORKSHOP CHAIRMAN’S SUMMARY - T. Gavin Anthony; TESTING DIVERS’ UNDERWATER BREATHING APPARATUS: THE U.S. NAVY PERSPECTIVE - Dan E. Warkander; DIVING RE-BREATHING APPARATUS TESTING AND STANDARDS: UK/EU PERSPECTIVE - T. Gavin Anthony; REBREATHER ACCIDENT INVESTIGATION - John R. Clarke; MANUFACTURERS PANEL DISCUSSION - Gavin Anthony, Alex Deas, Paul Haynes, Jarrod Jablonski, Gene Melton, Pete Nawrocky, Martin Parker, Peter Readey, Leon Scamahorn, William Stone; TRAINING WORKSHOP CHAIRMAN’S SUMMARY - Petar J. Denoble; RISK ASSESSMENT ANALYSIS: EXPEDITION BRITANNIC 2006 - John Chatterton, Richie Kohler; COMMON CAUSES OF FATALITIES IN TECHNICAL DIVING - Petar J. Denoble; TRAINING PANEL DISCUSSION - Petar J. Denoble, Steven Barsky, Jeffery Bozanic, Sean Harrison, Tom Mount, Karl Shreeves, Paul Haynes, David Pence, Jarrod Jablonski; WRITTEN ANSWERS TO TRAINING QUESTIONS -Steven Barsky, Jeffery Bozanic, Sean Harrison, Tom Mount, Karl Shreeves, Paul Haynes, David Pence, Jarrod Jablonski; APPENDIX A. Glossary; APPENDIX B. Schedule; 389 APPENDIX C. Attendees; ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS
Description: Copyright © 2009 by Divers Alert Network 6 West Colony Place Durham, NC 27705. This book is available for download at no cost as a PDF file from the Divers Alert Network website ( Opinions and data presented at the Conference and in these Proceedings are those of the contributors and do not necessarily reflect those of the Divers Alert Network.
Date: 2009

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