Dr. Peter Bennett Symposium Proceedings.

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Title: Dr. Peter Bennett Symposium Proceedings.
Author: Moon, RE; Piantadosi, CA; Camporesi, EM
Abstract: CONTENTS: Foreword - Drs. Moon, Piantadosi, Camporesi; Dr. Bennett's Concluding Appreciation - Dr. Peter Bennett; A History of Deep Commercial Diving - Dr. John Bevan; Nitrogen Narcosis, HPNS and Trimix - Dr. Jean-Claude Rostain and N Balon; The Atlantis Series and Other Deep Dives - Dr. Enrico Camporesi; Deep Diving and the Lung - Dr. Richard Moon; An Historical Overview of Recreational Scuba Diving - Dr. Frans Cronje; From Rec to Tec: The Future of Technical Diving - Dr. Drew Richardson; Technical Diving - Dr. Simon Mitchell; The Physiology of Breath-Hold Diving - Dr. Claes Lundgren; The History of Divers Alert Network (DAN) and DAN Research - Dr. Richard Vann; Appendix - Dr Bennett's CV.
Description: Copyright © 2007 by Divers Alert Network 6 West Colony Place Durham, NC 27705. This book is available for download at no cost as a PDF file from the Divers Alert Network website (http://www.DiversAlertNetwork.org/). Opinions and data presented at the Conference and in these Proceedings are those of the contributors and do not necessarily reflect those of the Divers Alert Network.
URI: http://archive.rubicon-foundation.org/9053
Date: 2007

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