Thermodynamic decompression.

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Title: Thermodynamic decompression.
Author: Wienke, BR
Abstract: Our understanding of decompression biophysics has been extended over the past 15 years by probing analyses of phase separation of gases in the bodies of divers. Generally termed thermodynamic decompression (or phase equilibration). these studies postulate a continuous exchange of inert gas between tissues nucleation sites (gas micropockets), consistent with many commonplace. observed phenomena. Postulates lead to decompression schedules and gas transfer mechanisms that can differ dramatically from supersaturation predecessors of the not-too-distant past. The implications of thermodynamic decompression are discussed, and contrasted with experiment. The validation afforded by the collective efforts of pearl divers operating in Australian waters is also described.
Description: American Academy of Underwater Sciences (
Date: 1987

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