Equipment Testing.

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Title: Equipment Testing.
Author: Bozanic, JE; Carver, DM
Abstract: Equipment testing is an important part of dive accident and fatality analysis. Stakeholders in the community have different and occasionally conflicting needs when it comes to such testing. Current practices are poorly standardized, including when testing is conducted, who is responsible for testing and what tests should be performed. This paper briefly examines current practices and proposes suggestions for future direction. Key among these is the need for rapid testing to occur, overseen by impartial investigators. A law-enforcement model is advanced, with all equipment being treated as evidence as opposed to personal property. Challenges inherent with this proposal include training of first responders, timely analysis, education of law enforcement agencies, access to testing resources, development of sufficiently detailed and standardized procedures, and funding to conduct such testing. A sample equipment evaluation procedure form for open-circuit scuba equipment is provided as Appendix E. A second form for the testing of rebreathers is also provided.
Description: Copyright © 2011 by Divers Alert Network, 6 West Colony Place Durham, NC 27705. This book is available for download at no cost as a PDF file from the Divers Alert Network website ( Opinions and data presented at the Conference and in these Proceedings are those of the contributors and do not necessarily reflect those of the Divers Alert Network.
Date: 2011

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