[abstract] NITROX DIVING

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Title: [abstract] NITROX DIVING
Author: Vann, RD; DeNoble, PJ; Uguccioni, DM; Freiberger, JJ
Abstract: INTRODUCTION: Nitrogen-oxygen (nitrox) diving gases are becoming more common. DAN's 2001 Report reviewed air and nitrox data collected since 1990. METHODS: Data were compared for 2,519 Project Dive Exploration (PDE) divers from 1997-2000, 2,480 recompressed (injured) divers from 1995-2000, and 845 fatalities from 1990-1999. Three PDE divers were recompressed. RESULTS: Nitrox was used by 14percent of PDE divers, 5percent of injured divers, and 1 percent of fatalities. Nitrox divers were older than air divers: nitrox 45 yo, air 38 (PDE); nitrox 37, air 36 (injuries); and nitrox 44, air 40 (fatalities). For PDE, the majority of air diving was from live-aboards and the majority of nitrox diving was from charter boats. Shore dives were the most common origin for air and nitrox fatalities. Nitrox divers dived deeper than air divers. Mean depths were: 95' nitrox, 75' air (PDE); 100' nitrox, 91' air (injuries); and 40' nitrox, 35' air (fatalities). Rapid ascent or running out of gas were uncommon for PDE. Running out of gas was common for fatalities and injuries for all gases. PDE divers had longer trips than injured divers. Mean trip duration was three days for air and eight days for nitrox (PDE). Mean trip duration was two days for air or nitrox (injuries). PDE divers made a mean of seven dives on air and five on nitrox. Injured divers made a mean of five dives on air and four on nitrox. For fatalities, the means were 1.3 on air and 1.2 on nitrox. About 5percent of injured nitrox divers had a maximum oxygen partial pressure of 1.7-1.8 atm, but 45percent had maximum partial pressures of 1.2-1.4 atm. Two of nine nitrox fatalities had indications of oxygen convulsions. CONCLUSIONS: Nitrox divers were older, dived deeper, dived less frequently, and had twice the oxygen partial pressure than air divers.
Description: Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society, Inc. (http://www.uhms.org )
URI: http://archive.rubicon-foundation.org/956
Date: 2001

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