The state of oxygen-enriched air (nitrox)

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Title: The state of oxygen-enriched air (nitrox)
Author: Lang, MA
Abstract: The evolution of the use of oxygen-enriched air (nitrox) in diving can be traced to its origin in 1874, its use in the scientific diving community in 1979, and its introduction on a global scale to the recreational diving community in 1985. As with any emerging technology that has found a broader market appeal, controversies invariably arise. In 2000, the DAN Nitrox Workshop reviewed physiological issues as they pertain to recreational nitrox use such as carbon dioxide retention, oxygen toxicity potential, and narcosis, and nitrox decompression sickness (DCS) incidence rates compared to air. In collaboration with the recreational diving industry, nitrox equipment engineering considerations vis-à-vis the 40%-oxygen-cleaning rule, nitrox training, and operational data were also reviewed. To provide an update on the state of nitrox, the workshop information is synthesized and additional new certification and operational data reviewed for 2000-2005.
Description: The Journal of the South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society (Incorporated in Victoria) A0020660B and the European Underwater and Baromedical Society
Date: 2006

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