The expeditions to Cordell Bank

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Title: The expeditions to Cordell Bank
Author: Schmieder, RW
Abstract: Beginning in 1978, a series of exploratory expeditions has been carried out to Cordell Bank, the large seamount west of Pt. Reyes, California. The expeditions involved bathymetric surveying, surface observations of birds and mammals, and scuba dives to recover specimens and photographs. Divers discovered that the water covering the Bank is exceptionally clear, allowing light to penetrate to the rocky ridges. As a result of the high light level, the Bank supports an exceptionally lush and healthy biological community. Visually, it is one of the most spectacular underwater sights in California. Because of its value for conservation and research, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is establishing Cordell Bank as a national marine sanctuary. Designation most likely will take place within the next year.
Description: American Academy of Underwater Sciences (
Date: 1985

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