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Author: Huseby, HWS; Michielsen, EJ
Abstract: A laboratory test apparatus for the evaluation of carbon dioxide absorbents and absorbent canisters was designed including the canisters for the evaluation of absorbents. Future modifications of the apparatus were suggested ad will be instituted in the present equipment at the Experimental Diving Unit. Maximum carbon dioxide productions for one and three hour swimming periods were determined with swimming tests in the pressure tanks at the Experimental Diving Unit. Tolerable carbon dioxide concentrations in the breathing media were determined and found to be in the range of 0.5 to 1.0 percent. Of the carbon dioxide absorbents evaluated, the caustic extruded and granular Baralymes were found to be superior in all aspects. The granular Baralyme is only absorbent of the two being produced at the present time. The noncaustic pellet Baralyme is the safest absorbent from the standpoint of causticity but more of it is required for adequate absorption. The absorbents were also tested under decreased environmental temperatures with and without insulation on the canister. The canister absorbent system must have a 3 hour duration submerged horizontally in water at 10 deg C while introducing 1.25 liters of CO2 per minute (standard temperature and barometric pressure) with a tidal volume of 3000 cc at 10 breaths per minute. It must also have a one hour duration under the same conditions while introducing 1.60 liters of CO2 per minute (standard temperature and barometric pressure). The exhaustion point is 0.50 percent CO2 at the distal end of the canister. The report also shows the effect of reducing the absorbent in a canister on the uptake of carbon dioxide. The preliminary evaluation of the double tube canister and the estimation of the volume of pellet Baralyme required for 3 hours operational duration are included.
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Date: 1960

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